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Publish Date : 02 August 2018 - 13:57
You've probably heard that tariffs are being threatened against cars imported into the United States.
Khodrocar - If you're thinking that'll mostly affect Germany, Japan, South Korea, Sweden, and Great Britain, since those are ones where foreign brands hail from, you're correct. There's also Mexico and Canada, given NAFTA.

However, those aren't the only countries that produce cars and SUVs sold in the United States. There are also plenty of cars produced in countries you wouldn't expect. Here's our list of globalization oddballs.

Porsche Cayenne - Slovakia

The previous-generation Cayenne was partially built at VW Group's Bratislava, Slovakia, plant before shipping it to Leipzig, Germany, to finish the job. The new-generation Cayenne is completely built in Slovakia.

Toyota C-HR - Turkey

Yup, this one sure is random. It's no secret Toyota builds most of the cars it sells in the United States in the United States. It's also no secret that this Japanese company still builds cars in Japan. But in Turkey? Well, the C-HR is one of the few Toyotas sold here with appeal in most global markets. 

Jaguar E-Pace and I-Pace - Austria

Sometimes a car company will run out of production capacity at their own facilities and will turn to a third-party production outfit like Magna Steyr in Austria. This is the case with the Jaguar E-Pace and I-Pace. 

Mitsubishi Mirage - Thailand

Car production is common in southeast Asia, but it's uncommon for the vehicles built there to end up in the United States. The Mirage is an exception.

Toyota Yaris - France

Other cars sold in the United States that are built in France: Smart Fortwo, Bugatti Chiron.

Toyota expects to sell so few Yaris hatchbacks in the United States, it doesn't even bother producing them in a country where it might actually make some money on them. This is a European-market car that Toyota just ships over because it can. The Yaris' scarcity of variations and options is further proof.

Dodge Challenger - Canada

Yep, one of the brashest, V8-packing, tire-smoking, unapologetically American cars is actually built in Canada. Including the Hellcat. And the Demon, during its production run. The Dodge Charger and Chrysler 300, too. 
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