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Publish Date : 18 July 2018 - 18:56
On September 11, 2017, 2017 COC ended the finals fierce competition. JAC S7 off-road race team first time attended this completion and achieved very excellent accomplishments. JAC was honored three champions in three group games.
Khodrocar-COC has been started from 2003, which is a national A-level professional completion and held by FASC. This rally racing was in a closed place, independent dispatch and individual timing.

The track simulated obstacles in natural conditions such as Hump, bilateral bridge, wave road, V groove, cannonball pit, flying platform, deep pool, which has a hard test on bearing force, suspension's adjustment and driver's operation level.

JAC the newest SUV-S7 has the core value of 'big, intelligent, wisdom and drive'. On the basis of spacious space, S7provides 5 standard seats and 7 optional seats for customers, and the volume of rear trunk has reached 1358L, which can fully satisfy customers' demand. There are 22 storing space to make everything put in a suitable place and interior space is more orderly.

In the terms of safety, the high-strength steel of S7 body reaches 74%, and equipped with 360 omnidirectional body electromagnetic protection. Meanwhile, S7 has undergone 2.4 million KM reliable test, 43 items and 651 sub items performance test, providing strong guarantee for quality. And it has equipped with reverse image, AUTOHOLD (automatic parking system), HUD display and other intelligent equipment, which can guarantee customers to enjoy a high-quality driving experience in all kinds of road conditions.

Besides, the power train of S7 is also in leading position compared with the same-class vehicle. It's equipped with JAC independently research 1.5TGDI 'Platinum power'engine. With three mainstream edge-cutting technology of 'Cylinder direct injection, Turbo-charging, DVVT' and owning 'Low speed and high torque'obvious advantage. Meanwhile, 1.5TGDI engine with 6DCT wet double- clutch transmission combined the 'Platinum power', which transmission efficiency reaches 94% and balance the driving power and fuel economy.

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