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Publish Date : 18 July 2018 - 13:29
Motion sickness is an absolute pain, especially if you're tackling long drives with children in the car. Citroen, a company known for its left-field solutions to engineering problems, has decided to take on the issue with a funky set of glasses.
Khodrocar - The glasses have colourful fluid in four rings – two in front of the eyes, and two in the wearer's periphery – designed to help the brain establish a stable horizon, helping quell the symptoms of car sickness. Citroen says the condition affects one in three people, making it tough to comfortably pass the time on train trips, bus rides and long drives.

According to Citroen, the condition happens when the inner ear, eye and sensory nerves send conflicting messages to the brain about where the body is in space. By creating a false horizon, the glasses bring those senses back into sync. After about 10 minutes, Citroen says you can take the glasses off and the sickness should be gone.

The technology was developed by a French company called Boarding Ring, and has a reported efficacy of 95 per cent. It was initially developed for people who suffer seasickness, but the idea is transferrable to other forms of transport as well.

Source: CarAdvice

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