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Publish Date : 11 July 2018 - 09:15
After-sale services are important to the truck and heavy duty vehicle producers due to limited customers and usage. Therefore, these carmakers concentrated on keeping their loyal customers. Were they successful?
Khodrocar – Keeping customers is important for any company because loyal customers make financial benefits for them. When it comes to heavy duty vehicle manufacturers it gets bolder. Therefore, the heavy companies payed more attention to customers than products in the recent years. Due to their special customers and usage, their target market is smaller and their customers are limited; so they must try to keep them happy and satisfied by providing good after-sale services.

According to the researches of Iran Standard & Quality Inspection Co. (ISQI), heavy duty manufacturers were successful in providing after-sale services last year.

This research includes 18 companies and 501 official dealerships in the whole country and shows that last year, the score of these companies in providing after sale services was 65.3 in total which raised 3.4 percent in comparison with the year 2016.

ISQI does this research evaluating five factors: Quality of after-sale services, Official repair shops’ situations, customers’ satisfaction, dealerships’ functions and the satisfaction of official dealerships from companies.

Customer’s satisfaction raise 1.8 from the year 2016 to 2017. Also the score of official dealerships in the last year reached 69.3 percent which raise 8.1 percent in comparison with the year 2016.

Final evaluation of after-sales services
In final evaluation, all companies are divided into four ranks. First ranks are the best companies with three stars and fourths are the worst with no stars. It is notable that no companies are placed in fist and fourth rank. 25 percent of them are placed in the second rank and 75 percent of them are placed third. All companies in second rank have more than 12 dealerships.

The final results show that the companies experienced a growth last year and this also show a change in their outlook and policies about customers. Increasing the focus on customers instead of products is one of the smart policies launched by European and American companies.

Khodrocar – Heavy duty vehicle producers grew in providing after sales services last year and there are hopes that this process continues this year. However, the heavy companies are more dependent on foreigners and considering the new sanctions against Iran, it is expected that some companies will leave Iran and others will reduce their activity. Will this procedure continues in 2018 for heavy duty manufacturers companies?

Khodrocar Reporter and Translator: Maziyar Jafarieh
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