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Publish Date : 27 August 2017 - 09:37
Iran's economy is the way that financial markets have a profound effect on investments and other economic activities and industries. Studies show that by determining the interest rate of participation in the automotive industry, will have a significant impact on creating a competitive environment in this market.
Khodrocar - last week, the Central Bank announced that from September 2 , the profit of participation of automakers will be coded and it is 3% more than the bank's deposit profits.

This decision was made while the interest rate on bank deposits had fallen since the beginning of 1394. So participating in automotive industry by 18% to 24% and even 27% profit was interesting , but some participation did not lead to delivering the car. 

It seems that by implementing this regulation, pre-sales vehicles will be coded and a competitive atmosphere will be created in automobiles market and also it attracts liquidity from the market in automotive industry. 

On the other hand, it seems that henceforth,  profit not be involved in customers choice and people will not pay more attention to the final profit of getting new car. In fact this situation create a new and competitive atmosphere in automotive industry. 

Amrullah Amini told to the Khodrocar journalist :" Iran's economy has a particular situation in which, the market, interest and producing, especially in automotive industry has a mutual impact on each other. If the interest rate in bank decreased, investment in other markets that profit rate is major, will be increased. 

He adds :" when the profits of participation in producing and other market are not coded, markets are disturbed, which ultimately leads to consumer losses.

This expert also said :"  automakers are now in need of significant capital, so they are seeking liquidity which ultimately increases the price of goods. " 

Amini emphasized :" Because of the high cost of iraninan automakers,  whether the automakers will enforce the regulations of the Central Bank or not? " 

He continued :" by imposing such restrictions on providing liquidity and parallel with banking system from automakers side, they will advance towards qualifying and creating a competitive market . "

Regarding the impact of coding in attraction foreign investment, Amini said :" state-owned automakers is not interested in negotiation to attract foreign investments, while if a competitive environment is created in the industry, the foreign investor will be enter to the market." 

With these interpretations,  it can be said one of the steps to create a competitive atmosphere in automotive industry has done,  and by continuing this effort, a better competitive environment will be dominate in market and automotive industry, which can attract foreign investments.
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