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Publish Date : 06 July 2018 - 08:56
After 90 years of experiences now Turkey is one of the successful countries in the field of assembling, part producing and exporting cars and they have one step to become the country with most vehicle exportation in the world.
Khodrocar – Turkey decided to become an assembling country instead of auto maker. They chose to assemble famous companies’ cars in their homeland and now this country is among the successful vehicle export countries and alongside that they are active in part manufacturing too. Their successful path could be a pattern to other countries according to the experts.

The first car imported to the Turkey by second Soltan Abdolhamid, even he didn’t  n think that his country may become the biggest vehicle exporter to the Europe.

*Notable Companies Activity in Turkey

In the first days of the Republic of Turkey in 1927 and 1928, Istanbul became a free trading zone. After that they sign a 25 years contract with ford in 1928. Ford was the first automaker entered Turkey with the condition of exportation. They had 450 employees and produced 55 car and 15 trucks per day. In 1934 after the Wall street falls they closed the factory.

After 2 decades, they agreed to reestablish a factory for assembling Willys jeep in their country. In 1960 the Ford Otosan opened which is the biggest automaker in Turkey, right now.

In 1968, Koç Holding went to Italians and prepare the bases for establishing the "Tofas” company to produce fiat products in Turkey.  The 1970 was the year of Renault establishes a company with it partner Oyak. The factory was working and assembling under Renault license since then.

*Second Biggest Vehicle Export country

Japan with 21 percent car export and Germany with 17 percent of vehicle export are in the first and third places of biggest vehicle exporters. Now Turkey with a share of 18.9 percent has passed the Germany and looking to become the biggest car exporter in the world.*Turkey, Main Supplier of Europe Market

Right now, Turkey is the biggest vehicle exporter to the Europe and they are exporting their products to over 188 other countries. Statistics of Turkey auto industry doesn’t show anything but improvement. The final statistics show that Turkey has 78 percent of it’s products to the European union. In the first 3 months 2018 of their auto industry improved for 17.5 percent and export about 8.258 billion dollar.

*Renault, bestselling car in Turkey

It’s been 17 years, Renault became the bestselling brand in Turkey and have 20 percent of the market. Renault sold 75 thousand cars just in Turkey in first half of 2017.  

*Ford, the biggest automaker in Turkey

Ford was the biggest automaker in Turkey for the second year in a row. They also are among the biggest companies in Turkey by revenue of 18 billion and 289 million dollar. Other automakers are not near ford but they are in the list of 30 biggest companies.

*Turkey’s first national car waiting to reveal

After a long period of assembling and encouraging other companies they are thinking to become an automaker. The procedure of this car is undergoing and they will reveal it in the Genova 2019 auto show. This complete electric car will be available on 2021.

*Turkey's auto industry is looking for self-sufficiency

In the way of self-sufficiency in auto industry, the government is looking to build the biggest road test center of Middle East in this country.

It seems that the government of Turkey considers solve all shortages with high speed and the road test center and building the first national car are proofs of this talk.

Khodrocar Reporter: Fazel Suri

Khodrocar Translator: Amin Zamani
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