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Publish Date : 29 June 2018 - 09:17
The organization behind controlling the vehicle market is not clear and the parliament, ministry of Industry and part of competition council are trying to pass the responsibility to each other. Now the jobbers are grabbing the market. Finally who is responsible now?
Khodrocar – Pricing below 450 million IRRs is the responsibility of competition council since 10 years ago and it is continued. Also, pricing imported vehicles was on companies but after a while prices got out of their control too.

On the other hand, vehicle price increment in the last winter and its continuous to the current spring increased the imported vehicle prices for 50 to 80 percent. In that time, the parliament announced to enter the market by a plan to organize the pricing but this plan processed with low speed and they didn’t decide or start the plan in right time. It continued till the government entered the market and decided to ban all vehicle importation. Also the plan of organizing market will be silent till the next 6 months.

The important point is while the market is in challenge which organization is responsible to control the market? Why the governmental vehicle market doesn’t have a governmental supervisor?

"The commission of industry and mine has not forgotten the plan and we are doing our best to bring the plan directly to the parliament with 15 signatures of commission members.” Saeed Bastani, speaker of the Commission of Industry and Mine of the parliament told Khodorocar reporter.  

"Since the plan isn’t started in the parliament, the ministry of Industry and competition council should continue their duty to control the market. The parliament isn’t responsible for pricing or controlling the market directly but they are trying to help and fill the law gap, so we recommended the plan.” He added.

"Banning the importation temporarily to control the market is okay but they can’t ban it for all time because they don’t have the permission to change the law. Controlling the market should be done through tariffs but we saw that SABTARESH closed last year against the law. In this situation the parliament will enter as a supervisor to control the condition.” He said.

Now, a week after importation banning, the parliament has announced another plan in order to support domestic production. But the important thing right now is supporting importers and producers alongside each other especially now when the market is in challenge and international pressures have inflamed the market.

Khodrocar Reporter: Negar MirKarimi

Khodrocar Translator: Amin Zamani
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