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Publish Date : 28 June 2018 - 09:25
The high density of cars in Tehran – Karaj route during rush hours has become the most disturbing thing for the citizens of this province. This problem has not been solved by any organization till now.
Khodrocar – Today, population increment, extend the usage of vehicles which leads to Traffic. Except from the psychological problems, traffic is the main reason for waste of time and most Iranians are wasting their life during traffics.

Karaj and its side provinces have millions of people in them and they are facing with traffic which is disturbing the citizens during rush hours because the number of passing vehicles is more than the route’s capacity. Western and northwest provinces need much more attention to improving infrastructure, public transportation and etc.

By reviewing this problem, we will find out that lack of infrastructure is the main reason for it which happens because of management problems.

"The traffic problem of Tehran-Karaj route is happening for years but it has solution and needs attention from the government. We can review the problem in three different aspects as infrastructures, public transportation and culturalization. According to the statistics there are 4.5 million cars in Tehran’s streets which 1.5 million of them come from suburb cities of Tehran. This isn’t far too much but the main point is Iranian using their own cars instead of public transportation. Costs of having car in Iran are one tenth of Europe so people prefer to use owned cars. "Amir Jafar Pour, former president of public transportation bureau of Iran's Municipalities and village administrators told khodrocar reporter.

"Three highway and freeway next to subway line are not enough for this route and the public transportation between Tehran and Karaj is not sufficient. During my management, I tried too much to make different ministries to make decision for this route transportation but unfortunately I didn’t succeed.” He added.

"Solving the problem of this route traffic needs planning and a low budget. New technologies such as line changers could help to decrease the traffic. Also, adding more vans and buses to the public transportation and considering HOV for the highway are other solutions.” He continued.

Now, we have to wait to see what will happen to this ancient problem which is disturbing people for decades. Is the government going to make right decision for this problem or we just have to see the traffic for more years.

Khodrocar reporter: Fazel Suri

Khodrocar Translator: Amin Zamani
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