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Publish Date : 12 June 2018 - 10:35
Some badge designs are hard to forget. Here are some of the best.
Khodrocar - These badges stand out amongst the hordes of boring alphanumeric names and uncreative design. Here are the best car badges on earth.


If you see those three colored slashes next to the letter "M" on the back of a car, you know it means serious business. The Motorsport badge has been an iconic marker for spotting some of the greatest BMWs ever produced—so much so, people buy fakes and slap them on their non-M cars to get some of the glory.

Dodge Viper Snake

All Dodge Vipers have some variation of a snake as their logo, but the early designs may be the coolest. The snake is actually smirking in this one.

Maserati Trident

The trident is a three-pronged spear, most famously associated with Poseidon, the mythical god of the sea. It may not have much to do with cars, but it sure does look cool pasted onto a Maserati.

Alfa Romeo Man-Eating Snake

Alfa Romeo's logo depicts a man being eaten by a snake. It doesn't get more serious than that.

Dodge Hellcat

The Demon may be the top dog now, but the Hellcat logo is still pretty damn cool. It's the car that started off Dodge's modern horsepower ascent. Plus, who doesn't like a predatory cat head on the side of their car?

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