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Publish Date : 15 June 2018 - 14:59
The car is built specifically for children. Toyota has unveiled the latest iteration of its car for children, the Camatte, at the Tokyo International Toy Show.
The Camatte is the latest in a series of cars made specifically for kids, a series that began in 2012. Like previous versions, this year's Camatte Petta features a small electric motor and an open top design. There's a McLaren-like 1+2 seating layout, with the front seat meant for the child while two adults sit on either side and a little further behind for more legroom.
Mind you, it's still against the law for little ones to actually drive the car on public roads, so Toyota has created a virtual course projected onto a 220-degree screen. The child driver can learn about car controls as the course winds through various landscapes.

Past exhibitions have included letting kids take a driver's license test or design their own cars. This is possible because the Camatte has interchangeable body panels that can take the shape of a sportscar, classic roadster, or small SUV. Of course, the real goal of all this is to inspire children about the wonders of cars and driving. Toyota needs customers for the future, after all.

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