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Publish Date : 27 May 2018 - 14:08
The 42000 IRR currency exchange rate is now a faint promise. Yet automobile imports to Iran is still on the go even considering that automobile has been omitted from the list of import’s priority goods.
Khodrocar – It does not matter how hard the circumstances get, vehicle import is going to go on as the market demands.

Steps to import a vehicle
The first thing to import a vehicle into the country is to get authorizations from the Promotion Organization of Iran that is given and registered on customs system online.

Paying Expenses
Step one: Entrant Dues
Vehicles with engine capacities below 1500cc must pay a %55 of total value of the vehicle as custom taxes each. 

 The percentage goes for those between 1500cc to 2000cc and 2000cc to 2500cc, %75 and %95 subsequently.

Step Two: Further Taxes
Every imported vehicle come along some added costs. Each have a %9 added value tax, %4 on account tax, %1 Red Crescent tax, %5 tax of total FOB. 

By saying passenger cars, it is meant sedans, station wagons and small pickups with capacity up to 15 passengers (including the driver).

Also %10 of total customs value of the vehicle must be payed when registering the vehicle for license plate.

Must to Know Points
Based on what Iran Customs says, importing vehicles with engine capacity over 2500cc and over 40 thousand USD is forbidden. 

Import of vehicles with engine capacity over 2500cc is only possible for Iranians habituated abroad, only for personal use.

Based on Iran Customs announcements there are two group of people free of paying the 300 million IRR import commercial taxes. One are the Iran-Iraq war devotees and also for members of State Welfare Organization of Iran.

Khodrocar Journalists: Negar Mirkarimi

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