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Publish Date : 30 May 2018 - 13:21
I remember growing up wanting one of those Power Wheels electric ride-on toy cars. I downright begged for one during one Christmas. But I never did get one. I did, however, buy one for my daughter – a purple Mustang. It has two speeds, plastic tires that spin when you slam the lever from reverse to fast, and a radio that’s never worked. It’s a far departure from the creation from Grind Hard Plumbing Co that decided a 12-volt electric battery isn’t enough power to satisfying some, so the crew decided to take a Honda CRF 230 dirt bike engine and cram onto the Power Wheels.
But this creation is more than just an engine in a toy. The build took just four days. First, they found a used go-kart chassis on Craigslist, which they cut to fit into the Pink Mustang. They welded engine mounts at the front of the kart to improve weight distribution before installing the 240-cubic-centimeter Honda engine – which included a performance cam and big-bore kit.

The video shows the downright insanity Grind Hard Plumbing Co created. It’s wicked fast, and nearly uncontrollable. The small, 36-inch wheelbase is unwieldy, brakes that lock up, and the pedals stick – a dangerous combination that’s played out in the video. The driver tries to drift the kart one way, but instead whips it in the opposite direction nearly tumbling over the edge of a cliff – we’re talking about mere inches separating the kart and driver from possible death. After the close call, they pack up the kart and head home.

The thing looks crazy with the engine sticking out of the plastic hood, the missing floor, and useless makeshift rear wing. But boy, does it look like a blast to drive. It may be a tad dangerous in the wrong situation, but an open parking lot could be the perfect location.

Source: Motor 1
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