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Publish Date : 20 May 2018 - 14:50
Finding an abandoned, broken-down car on the side of a US road isn’t exactly out of the ordinary, but when that car is an exotic, $300,000 supercar that has been completely destroyed in a high-speed crash, that’s a bit more rare.
That’s exactly what Nevada police had to deal with when they came upon a totaled McLaren 720S lying dead on the side of a desert road. The driver of the vehicle, which had clearly been in a rollover crash and had sustained incredible damage, was nowhere to be found.

After canvassing local hospitals, law enforcement discovered that the driver and passenger (who were wearing their seatbelts at the time of the crash) had made it out alive with only minor injuries.

The details of how the car came to be crashed and abandoned in the desert are scant, but the driver and passenger reportedly were participating in a Corsa Rally supercar event. These events take groups of supercar owners on long trips across many states, and while organizers always insist that the events aren’t designed to be races, it’s not exactly uncommon for drivers to push the limits of their high-end rides.

As documented by DailyDrivenExotics, the rally came to a bit of a halt when the drivers realized that one of their brethren had been involved in such a serious crash. When looking at the condition of the vehicle, it’s hard to believe that its occupants walked away. It seems the McLaren’s carbon fiber construction and structural supports saved the day.


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