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Publish Date : 21 August 2017 - 09:15
Khodrocar Studied:
The total growth statistics of automobile sales around the world show that the demand for the SUV segment is growing drastically.

Khodrocar journalist reports, last year over 91.12 million vehicles were produced in various segments from heavy duty commercial vehicles to sport coupes and compact hatchbacks in the world. This level of production shows a 4.6 percent growth on production in comparison to last year. Out of the statistics the greatest leap forward in the matter of sales growth belonged to SUV segment with productions over 26.31 million units which included 30 percent share of the total vehicle production worldwide.

The very same growth was also visible in China’s automotive market even with greater intensity. For the 8th year in a row, China gained 30 percent of the total vehicle sale in the world out of which a 9.3 percent was shaped by the SUV segment sales. The percentage showed a major growth of sale in the segment by 35.5 percent. Overlooking the matter from some other angle, roughly 462 different types of cars were introduced to the car market of China. Among the, 123 were from SUV segment.

Chinese were unbelievably quick catching up with the global market although either with reverse engineering or patent reduplications. Great Wall Motors gathered the whole experiences available from years of SUV making, upgraded the technical specifications and the quality with a little flavor of dignity and luxury and put them all into one new trade mark revealed in 2013 as HAVAL, the allocated brand to produce just SUVs. After only 4 years and producing 7 different SUVs, Haval is now known as the most powerful SUV maker of China. The H6 model has sold over 580 thousand units just in one year, is now leading China’s SUV market, taking over two other serious competitors the GAC and Changan Automobiles by a great distance.

The huge sale volume of Haval H6 caused it to be rated as 4th in the Top 10 Best Selling SUVs in the World chart right after Honda CRV, Toyota RAV4 and Hyundai Tucson. Automotive industry leading countries have at least a couple of top highly experienced automaker brands as their representatives in the global market. Considering the extremely fast growing Chinese automotive industry it seems now it is turn for this country to introduce a world class automaker brand to the world as a representative of its automotive industry. Not every automaker can step into this extreme path.

Hopefully, Haval as the top SUV car maker of China is now on its way to be domestically produced in Iran to show its strength is a Middle Eastern country with a powerful automobile industry.

By: Mostafa Anisi

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