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Publish Date : 12 May 2018 - 09:15
Motorcycles are always accused for the air pollution and face with strict decisions. These decisions are made to reduce the emission and reach global standards. But actually are these fast decisions could be helpful?
Khodrocar – according to the approval of the government’s cabinet, all motorcycles should be produced by the Euro 4 standard since the beginning of the new year. It means that all producers can’t produce a motorcycle without Euro 4 standard.

Since the infrastructures for producing motorcycles with Euro 4 standard are not ready yet, producers asked to have 10 months to prepare themselves. Though, the environment organization and minister of industry accept the request of producers, but now the production and plating motorcycles has stopped after 2 months.

"every improvement and standardization have cost and tests of these standards are strict and costly too. Therefore, the final price will increase, but it doesn’t mean the price would be doubled.” Bahman Zia Moghadam, secretary of the motorcycle industry association told Khodrocar reporter. "we always mentioned during the meetings, transferring from carburetor to fuel injection is not a good way to defeat the emission and reduce the air pollution. According to the statistics, 10 million motorcycles have been plated and near 70 percent of them are working which all of them have a carburetor and there are only 20 thousand motorcycles with fuel injection system.”

10 million worn out motorcycles riding in the city

Since 2002, it is estimated that 10 million motorcycles are plated but none of them have been worn out yet. Also, using fuel injection engines didn’t have effect on air pollution reduction and they just had costs for the producers. Even stored motorcycled entered the working cycle and market of second hand carburetor motorcycles increased. The policy of changing carburetor motorcycles to fuel injection was fast decision.

Moghadam believes that one way to reduce the air pollution is scrapping old motorcycles. "About 7 or 8 years ago two governmental companies Iran do charkh and Niro Mohareke started to scrap 100 thousand worn out motorcycles but the plan didn’t finish. However scrapping 100 thousand motorcycles against the 10 million is very few.” He said. "The auction of abandoned motorcycles should be banned and they shouldn’t join the working cycle. Also technical inspection of motorcycles should be taken seriously.”

"Motorcycles are not producing more emission than cars and it’s just a bad advertisement against motorcycle industry. If we compare a brand new car with a motorcycle, then you would find out that cars are producing the same emission.” Moghadam said. "the pollution of public transportation vehicles are more than cars and motorcycles and even factories producing more pollution. When it says motorcycles are producing 7 to 10 times more pollution than cars, is not true.”

"motorcycle industry is not small and it help the production and employment in the country but the looks at this industry is not good. All decision about motorcycles are happening in the last 3 months of the year and it’s better to make decisions in the first half of the year then producers have more time to prepare themselves and the industry vision would be better.” He continued.

Right now, motorcycle industry is waiting for the government decision for 10 months preparation time to start producing Euro 4 motorcycles but there are more decisions about this industry that have to be solved soon. It seems that scrapping worn out motorcycles is way more important than replacing them with fuel injection ones or producing Euro 4 ones.

Khodrocar Reporter: Sepideh Ghazi Nejad

Khodrocar Translator: Amin Zamani
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