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Publish Date : 29 April 2018 - 09:46
2018 Beijing motor show is going to be opened up for the mob right from tomorrow. This huge motor show in the world’s greatest car market is highly potent for any automobile brand to show off.
Khodrocar – China has the world’s greatest car market ever. Over 1.5 billion of population, China is an extremely potential market for car makers to produce and import. 

2018 Beijing motor show is held for the 14th time in a 220 thousand square meter space in Beijing. Two days of April, 25th and 26th were press-only visit days and the motor show is right open to mob from April 29th to May 4th.

2018 Beijing motor show hosts more than 1022 vehicles are there to show off from more than 14 countries from all around the world covering more than 1200 exhibitors. The motor show provides a great opportunity to release latest outcomes and achievements and therefore 64 concept vehicles were unveiled at the first two press-only days. 

China’s latest politics along with the world’s natural flow toward hybrids and EVs, you will face various EV and hybrid cars in 2018 Beijing motor show. With the extensive growth rate of EVs and hybrids the 2018 Beijing motor show is yet full of internal combustion engine vehicles. The motor show holds in 174 EV and Hybrid vehicles out of which 124 are made by Chinese. 

Spare part industry is connected to motor shows by nature. That is why the 2018 Beijing motor show covers spare part industry in more than 70 thousand square meter of space.

Motor shows are the best place and opportunity for all car makers to announce their latest achievements and their great presence show the importance of such motor show.

China’s main motor show is held in Beijing and Shanghai every other year. Shanghai holds a much greater space for motor show event but this year is Beijing’s turn to welcome major car makers from around the world.

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