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Publish Date : 10 April 2018 - 10:56
From a stunning hypercar, to a mid-engined legend, these are the most important numbers of the week.
Khodrocar - Numbers are all around us – whether we're breaking down the performance of a Ferrari 488, or comparing the price of a Model S to a Mercedes. Every week we pick out a few numbers that are so significant we have to give them a second look. Today we’re looking at key figures from Koenigsegg, Chevrolet, Alfa Romeo, and more.


The number of years that Koenigsegg built the Agera hypercar, beginning in 2011. Now, production is finally coming to an end in 2018. The company will shift its focus to the more powerful, more modern Regera. The Agera will be missed.


The amount of horsepower that may be available on an Alfa Romeo Giulia coupe. Rumor has it that the company is hard at work on a two-door version of the sports sedan, complete with hybrid tech borrowed from Ferrari. Expect it to be called either the Sprint or the GTV if and when it does debut.


That’s when we should see the mid-engined Corvette in full… hopefully… maybe. At a recent dealer meeting in Las Vegas, Chevy reportedly showed the new supercar off to a room full of people, one taking to the forums to discuss the supercar more in depth, confirming "it is coming."


The engine displacement that could be available on the next-gen Toyota 86 and Subaru BRZ. The two cars will reportedly get new versions in 2021, and come come with larger engines, and upwards of 260 horsepower.
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