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Publish Date : 09 April 2018 - 09:15
Euro 5 fuel is distributed in Tehran and a few other provinces meanwhile even euro 4 fuel is not distributed in all gas stations. Automakers are about to obey all standards of fuel from July but are automakers need help from fuel producers?
Khodrocar – According to Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade, domestic automakers passed the first phase of fuel standardization, although experts didn’t think that automakers could even get close to the standards but they passed all standards successfully.

In this regard, officials of the ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade are hopeful about the second phase of fuel standardization which will start in July and automakers are really serious to pass all standards. Also, minister of Industry, Mine and Trade talked about the 85 vehicle standards and his full support of national standard organization in this way at the end of the last Iranian year.

Right now, is Iran ready to prepare infrastructures to distribute Euro 5 and even Euro 4 fuel? Could new distributing infrastructures and vehicle standards reduce the air pollution of the big cities?

"Right now, Tehran refinery is producing general gasoline and automakers should be synced with refinery and distributing about the quality of gasoline because we can name both of them guilty in this situation.” Jalil Salari, an expert of energy field and former vice president of National Iranian Oil Refining & Distribution Company told Khodrocar reporter. ”Naturally, fuel consumption will increase by the using more vehicle but we can reduce fuel consumption by increasing octane. Now, octane of gasoline is near 87 and it could increase to 90.”

"Iranian vehicles and motorcycles are using Euro 2 fuel, but Euro 4 fuel is distributed in Tehran, but we have to pay attention to our car's performance rather than caring about the type of fuel.” He added. "The quality of cars and gasoline should increase together and we should be serious about worn out cars in all cities.”

"Good things were happening about catalytic converters during recent years, but this part removed from vehicles because of high final price or other reasons. There are good developing plans about fuel, but we should develop more refineries to help with this procedure. Also, we shouldn’t forget that Iran’s vehicles are older or don’t need Euro 5 fuel.” Said the former vice president of National Iranian Oil Refining & Distribution Company.

CNG Condition is Good

"CNG fuel has the highest standards and unlike gasoline, it doesn’t have any other problems. Also, diesel fuel is in the highest place of standards.” Said Ardeshir Dadras, president of the CNG station owners association.

As the fuel consumption is increasing and it gets to its peak in holidays, there should be a good plan for reducing air pollution and fuel emission. Infrastructures and auto making standards should be synced to meet the Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade goals.

Khodrocar Reporter: Negar Mir Karimi

Khodrocar Translator: Amin Zamani
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