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Publish Date : 20 April 2018 - 10:47
Mitsubishi Motors Australia (MMAL) often gets criticised for its model range – no real passenger car presence, and a few SUV staples getting long in the tooth despite regular upgrades.
Khodrocar - However, the value-driven company might be quietly laughing to itself right now, after posting 21,215 sales over the first quarter (Q1) of 2018, up 15 per cent over its record 2017 result.

This places it fourth in-market, behind Hyundai but ahead of Ford, Nissan and Holden.

The company did even better in March, finishing third overall and ahead of Hyundai, with 8810 units and market share of 7.3 per cent. It was the company’s highest March on record, which is a pretty good way to wrap up the Japanese financial year.

Mitsubishi was also the market’s #3 SUV brand over Q1, with 12,538 sales placing it behind only Mazda (13,386) and Toyota (19,405), and ahead of Alliance partner Nissan.

Mitsubishi’s top-seller over Q1 was Triton, with 6536 sales (5735 being 4×4). Next was the ASX small SUV 4111, up 14 per cent, ahead of Outlander (3995, up 27 per cent), Pajero Sport (1947, down 10 per cent), and the soon-to-be-axed Lancer (1893, about steady).

A big bright spot for MMAL is the fact that the new Eclipse Cross has managed 1603 incremental sales since launch, without hurting the ASX, which is very strong among fleets. The company’s share of the mainstream small SUV market is 19.1 per cent.

Another solid contributor over Q1 was the ancient-but-proven Pajero (801, up 8 per cent). The unfortunately average Mirage fell 57 per cent to 248 in the face of the all-conquering Kia Picanto.

The lesson here clearly is that, if your pricing is right and your cars are reliable, people will buy them.

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