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Publish Date : 11 April 2018 - 11:49
From the biggest organized crime scams to the dumbest small-time mistakes, car theft doesn't get much more out-there than this.
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*Trying To Steal A Car Full Of Cops

He's not one of your smarter ones," is how the US Marshals described a Louisiana man back in 2012 after he tried to steal a car containing a State Police detective and two members of the U. S. Marshal's Fugitive Task Force.

*The Genovese Crime Family Chop Shop Network

This was the ring of car theft in New York City for years. They ran the organized car theft game, funneling stolen cars into numerous chop shops, notably for selling off airbags.

*Making James Bond's Aston Martin DB5 Disappear

One of the famous Aston Martin DB5s used for effects in the James Bond movies remains lost after it disappeared in 1997, as Jalopnik reported a few years back.

In 1997, the Effects Car was stolen from an airport hangar in Florida where it was stored. No one has seen the car since it was stolen and after an exhaustive search it is now generally accepted that the Effects Car may be lost forever. The Insurance Company's payout for the car in the late 90s was rumored to be around four million dollars.

*Stealing A DeLorean And Selling It In The Same Town

It's not a good idea to steal a DeLorean, one of the most recognizable cars in the world. It's an even worse idea to steal a painted DeLorean, which makes the car even easier to identify. And it's a catastrophically bad idea to sell the car on Craigslist in the same town you pinched it in.

*The Algar Ferrari Heist

The story of how one man who just love love loved Ferrari's made off with a handful of Maranello's finest, including a 1996 F50, is thoroughly bizarre, and detailed here.

*Making A Run For It In A Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport

How do you even expect to sell a chrome Bugatti? It's not exactly hard to identify.

In any case, these guys in Switzerland ended up crashing the thing during a police chase on the Autobahn, so we'll never know how their efforts to sell it would've gone.

*Videotaping Yourself In A Stolen Mclaren SLR

You have to be really inspired to not only make off with a half-million-dollar McLaren-Mercedes SLR (back when these things were brand new in the market), but to record yourself on your phone trying to speed test the car Top Gear-style. The above episode of the UK's "Cars, Cops & Criminals" shows how these guys got nabbed.

Source: Jalopnik
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