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Publish Date : 07 April 2018 - 09:58
Last year, Bahman Group announced its partnership with Chinese company “HAVAL” in the Tehran auto show. Their joint venture product is an SUV and it will be launched soon.
Khodrocar – It was November 2017 in the 2nd Tehran auto show when Bahman Group announced its partnership with a Great Wall subsidiary, HAVAL. According to this cooperation 3 HAVAL products have planned to be launched in the 2018 and one of them is H6 which is the best-selling SUV in China.

Now, in the beginning of the Iranian new year, we see advertisement billboards of Bahman Group all over the city. Production of H2 has begun around two months ago and it would launch in the spring. After H2, two other products H9 and H6 will come along. However, it seems HAVAL plan is not finished here and they have a serious long term program.

"We want to be a solid brand in Iran. We are not looking for high volumes too fast. We don’t want to put big pressure on our partner. We want both teams to keep the same pace, then the higher volume would be achieved automatically. Both partners have different ideas, we can push, but we can never achieve our goal numbers. The achievements must be based on mutual communication so that is why we ask Bahman haw many units you have in mind.” Li Pill, manager of the HAVAL company in the Middle East told Khodrocar reporters in the press

"Great Wall had some activities in Iran’s market, but Bahman Group was the best choice for cooperation because managers of this company are from big auto part manufacturers.” He added.

Bahman Group is preparing to launch HAVAL products in Iran and according to the quality and options of these cars plus competitive price they will shake Iran’s SUV market very soon.

Khodrocar Reporter: Asal Dadashloo

Khodrocar Translator: Amin Zamani
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