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Publish Date : 19 March 2018 - 08:59
Motorcycles are one of the main reasons of air pollution but the motorcycle industry paid just a little attention to this issue and now we should wait and what decisions are going to be made in the next year for this issue.
Khodrocar – Nowadays, motorcycles are the main reason of air pollution and on the other hand, they are necessary for many people.

In recent years, no serious actions have been made for air pollution prevention and the government just hopes for a wind to blow or a cloud to rain. The only solutions are schools closure and staying at home and most of the people and authorities believes that the motorcycles are the main reason for this pollution.

According to the report of Tehran Air Quality Control Company, these are the main reasons of air pollution respectively: Cars and pickups 49 percent, motorcycles 18 percent and taxies 14 percents.

Tehran: Home of Carburetor Motorcycles
According to spokesman of police department, there are about 21 million vehicles and 11.5 million motorcycles in Iran and 3.5 million of these motorcycles are in Tehran and all of them were carburetor motorcycles before the year 2017.

Considering the ban of carburetor motorcycles’ plating, in first six months of 1396, 48 thousand motorcycles were produced.

Government’s Actions About Motorcycle Pollutions
One of the important actions of the government was the ban of carburetor motorcycle plating and determination of mandatory standards for motorcycle manufacturers. In the first month of 1396, the production of carbureted motorcycles were banned. This way, Iranian motorcycle manufacturers were forced to produce and assemble injector motorcycles. However, many of them had "Unit Injector Engines”, which is a failed project in the world.

It must be mentioned that this action was very effective because it prevented the plating of 10 thousand and 350 carburetor motorcycles, however 430 thousand carburetor motorcycles were registered to be imported before the government’s approval.

Another important action of government was adding 8 mandatory standards to other 17 standards.

At present, 60 motorcycle production sites have been registered in the country, but 35 factories are active. The major products of these factories are motorcycles with 125cc engines. The production of 125 cc engine motorcycles in Iran has a 40-year history, while there is no developed country that is currently producing these motorcycles.

No doubt that their old platform and carburetor engines are the most dangerous factors for environment.

Electric Motorcycles: A Solution for Air Pollution

Electric motorcycles are one of the best solutions for air pollution prevention. The global motorcycle manufacturers are moving toward producing electric motorcycles and they are looking forward to sell them in the global markets.
In our country, in the last few years, we have seen the presence of electric motorbikes in most automobile and some of our motorcycle companies in our country have added motorcycle exhibitions and these electric vehicles to the basket of products for sale.

However, the main problem of these electric motorcycles are their higher price in comparison with fossil fuel motorcycles which has no economic justification for the customers to buy.

Khodrocar Reporter: Fazel Suri
Khodrocar Translator: Maziyar Jafarieh
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