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Publish Date : 11 March 2018 - 11:27
The 2018 Geneva motor show has been bombarding our newsfeeds this week - so it's a good time to step back, reflect and make our picks of the show.
Khodrocar - Read on for CAR magazine's best of show highlights - and jump down to our full A-Z below, where we list every important new car unveiled this week in Switzerland. Do you agree with our selection? Be sure to sound off in the comments below.

1) Toyota GR Supra Racing Concept hints at next year's road car
 Previewing the new 2019 production sports car, this race-spec Supra is our first official glimpse of the new coupe, dressed up in wide-arched track-day garb. It'll be underpinned by the same platform as the next BMW Z4, offering rear-wheel drive, Germanic precision married with Japanese engineering and reliability. There will no hybrid power for the production car - instead preferring a BMW-sourced straight six, and there's no manual transmission expected. 

2) Jaguar i-Pace: it's Jag's first electric car and it's on sale now
A signficant car, the i-Pace. It launches Jaguar into the electric car scene and marks a step change in the design department too. If the future is EVs, then Jaguar is at the vanguard of the plug-in scene.

3) Lagonda Vision Concept brings back old name
A concept car in the traditional sense: full of guile and outrageous styling and future-gazing tech, the new Lagonda underlines Aston Martin's desire to revive its old nameplate by 2021 as an all-electric, boutique super-brand. What struck our critics at the Geneva motor show was its sheer sense of modern luxury - with silk, cashmere and ceramic tiling peppering the futuristic.

4) Porsche Mission E Cross Turismo: yes, they're doing an EV crossover too
Take the soft-roader Mission E very seriously indeed. We've already seen all-electric prototypes of the Porsche crossover testing at venues around Europe - signalling that the Mission E family will expand very rapidly from the familiar four-door saloon launch vehicle. The stumpy looks of the Cross Turismo may challenge some; this is a surprisingly large SUV, and makes the Jag i-Pace look remarkably svelte by comparison. But it underlines how even Porsche is embracing the all-electric future of the sports car.

5) BMW M8 Gran Coupe concept - a sneak peek at the new 8-series
A blast from the past: the 8-series nameplate is coming back to a BMW showroom near you, and this M8 concept is our best look yet at what that means. The growth spurt in numbers is a reminder that Munich is attempting to reposition its 6-series model a couple of notches upmarket.

6) Ferrari 488 Pista: it's maximum V8, following the Speciale
What's not to like about a new Ferrari V8 special? Following in the well-trodden, slithering tyre tracks of Stradales, Speciales and Scuderias, the Pista manages to score 710bhp from the familiar turbocharged V8 for a scarcely believable 2.9sec 0-62mph time. It's quick then... But the chassis is given a makeover too, promising that the Pista will deliver thrills in the curves as well as thrust on the straights.

7) Mercedes A-class ups the ante in the posh Golf sector
The new A-class feels like a step change in two-decade small Mercedes history. Where the first-generation car went all radical, with a few elky bumps along the way, the outgoing A went a bit too sensible for our liking. Now the 2018 Mercedes A-class is here after its world debut at the Geneva motor show, and we like what we see. The interior is very special, ushering in the new MBUX infotainment system, and it promises to be a small hatchback that your gran would like as much as young families. Should be good to drive too... a potential game-changer in the mainstream hatchback sector? 

8) The new Volvo V60 brings more Swedish sassiness to the estate market
Volvo's ongoing renaissance continues, as the 60-series range of medium-sized cars expands with this, the V60 estate. It's a familiar aesthetic, like a mini shrunken V90 - and we're not complaining. There's a cool, calm, Swedish sense of understated style at play here and it obviously packs as much safety and connectivity tech as you could shake a family backpack at. This could make an appealing alternative to a German compact wagon, we'd say.

9) McLaren Senna GTR: outrageous swagger is back in fashion in Woking
No strangers to outrageous supercars, the Senna just turned the wick up to 12. The P15 arrived at the Geneva motor show, and then the GTR concept showed just how far this hypercar can be stretched

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