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Publish Date : 09 March 2018 - 16:26
Why didn't Chevrolet think of this?
Khodrocar - Last year, a clever Ford dealership had an idea to recreate a modern version of the infamous SVT F-150 Lightning pickup. Ford hasn’t offered such a muscle truck since 2004, but the modern take – complete with badges, side-exit exhaust, and no less than 650 horsepower – was something of a phenomenon. Now, a Chevrolet dealer is taking the retro theme to the next level, but instead of packing serious power, the custom two-tone exterior packs all kinds of nostalgia. Say hello to the Chevrolet Silverado Big 10.

The dealership is Blake Greenfield Chevrolet in Wells, Minnesota, and it started last December with the green and white pickup pictured at the top of the page. Anyone old enough to remember telephones with rotary dials should recognize this look – it was the epitome of high-end Chevy and GMC pickups through the 1970s and 1980s, back when fully loaded meant power door locks and a radio that could receive FM stations as well as AM. Two-tone schemes came in a variety of flavors including lower trim and even white roofs, though the center-strip was definitely the most popular. The look is spot-on, right down to the white wagon wheels, thick side pinstripe, and period correct Cheyenne badges.

That first truck must’ve generated all kinds of hype, because the dealership has thus far made at least three more models; a black / white single cab truck, a light blue / dark blue combo that was actually bought by someone sight-unseen from New York, and the ever-popular red/white two tone. According to the above Facebook post from the dealer, the cost for the "Big 10 Package” amounts to $5,995 which doesn’t actually sound that bad considering the paint work involved to make it all happen.

Now, can we get one with a white roof and a headlight dimmer switch mounted on the floor?

Source: Blake Greenfield Chevrolet Buick
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