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Publish Date : 06 March 2018 - 16:47
The 88th Geneva International Motor Show kicks off in Switzerland this week marking 2018's first major exhibition for automakers.
Khodrocar - CNBC will attend the show with rolling coverage of the big reveals and here are some of the hot new vehicles set to star at the event.

The Ferrari 488 Pista is said to house the firm's most powerful V8-engine ever. The maximum speed, according to the company website, is more than 211 miles per hour. Ferrari also quotes 710 brake horse power (bhp). The price, as yet not confirmed, is expected to break past $250,000.

In a bid to knock the Tesla off its perch as the luxury electric car of choice, Jaguar is unveiling its I-Pace. The emissions-free car seats five people and claims a 298 mile range. The U.K.-based firm also said the SUV (sport-utility vehicle) can hit 60 mph within 4.5 seconds.

McLaren's $1 million "Senna" car sold all 50 of its exclusive run to seriously cashed-up motor heads. Now, with an extra $250,000 tacked on to the sticker price, comes the "Carbon Theme" edition. The yellow detail and green brake callipers are a nod to the Brazilian racing legend from whom the car takes its name.

Dutch company PAL-V is selling its three-wheeled Liberty flying car for about $600,000 as the Pioneer Edition makes its debut in Geneva. A cheaper model ($400,000) is on the way and will include flight lessons in the price. You will need a pilot's licence and, no, you are not allowed to just land it on the freeway.

Lexus has announced it will stage the world premiere of its new UX crossover at the Geneva Motor Show on March 6. The manufacturer has claimed the handling of its newest model "will be as agile as a hatchback." The car is being touted as a rival to BMW's X1 and the Audi Q3.

Will it or won't it? BMW's Z4 would be among the showstoppers should it appear in Geneva. BMW previewed its version with the Concept Z4 last summer at Pebble Beach. The automaker developed the sports car together with Toyota who will release the latest version of its Supra model in Geneva using the same technology platform.

Source: CNBC
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