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Publish Date : 06 March 2018 - 09:16
2017 may be a bright year for automobile industry of Iran at some points but some automobile related industries have been facing various challenges, long que of need to scrap vehicles is one.
Khodrocar: it is now the final days of the Iranian year, yet the vehicle scrap field is being bothered with challenges in progress for seven years now and some other were planned right this year.

Looking at the government’s results in the field of vehicle scrappage, it is obvious that not only some of the promises have not come true yet, but also there are barriers to some of them being executed.

What was the depth of the losses from the government’s decisions?
The main question is now that the government gave a free pass to domestic car makers to scrap worn out vehicles and left the car and part importers to haul all the pressure by their own, how much is the losses of the scrappage centers?

"Sudden and level by level decisions made by the government is what that is causing the worn out vehicles’ fleet and scrappage centers troubles.” Said Mostafa Joudi, chairman of the scrappage centers and recycle association to Khodrocar journalist.

He says that defective execution of the plans caused scrappage of worn out vehicles lead to nowhere.

"The most important unexecuted plan is the legal enactment of 2009, the 30 percent scrappage of domestic car makers’ products that was never put into action.” Added Joudi.
"Not only now the domestic car makers are free of scrapping worn out vehicles but also they own the major share of vehicle production as well as need to scrap vehicles.” He added.

"The monopoly of scrapping worn out vehicles must be stopped. Because with increment of vehicle production by the domestic car makers, 1.2 million vehicles are added to need to scrap vehicles segment.” Said Joudi.

Based on his sayings, referring to the clean air regulation, the age limit of worn out vehicles must be reduced and all related organizations must act in this regard.

Based on Khodrocar’s report, there are now more than 2 million need to scrap vehicles with their fate unknown to this point while there are more than 200 scrappage centers ready to serve. The air pollution is a serious matter in mega towns of the country and the number of the produced vehicles are increasing on a daily basis. Yet the government is insisting that the scrappage of the worn out vehicles must be done by others except the domestic car makers and forcing the importers to take care of the job. Taxi fleet organization was a major supporter of worn out vehicle scrappage plan throughout the recent years. The organization helped with the scrappage and replacement of a lot of worn out taxis by its plans.

Now Tehran will turn into a parking lot of need to scrap vehicles if the scrappage centers are not successful in scrapping enough of the worn out vehicles and the production figure of the domestic vehicles are increased daily.

Khodrocar Reporter: Negar Mirkarimi
Khodrocar Translator: Mostafa Anisi

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