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Publish Date : 06 March 2018 - 13:55
Should the Santa Barbara man have used a Boring Company flamethrower, probably things would have turned out very bad for one Tesla-branded electric vehicle and its driver. Fortunately, the man only had a hatchet, and apparently was not very good at wielding it.
Khodrocar - on Wednesday, February 28, the Santa Barbara Police Department booked a guy after he allegedly attacked a Tesla car and its driver on Arrellaga Street by means of a hatchet. 

Fortunately for both the driver and his unidentified-type of Tesla, the man was not very good at using the weapon. It apparently did make contact with the car, but there were no apparent scars on the car’s body. The driver escaped unharmed as well.

As for the reasons that drove the unnamed man to commit such an act, local police has identified at least one: hatred towards the Tesla. But since no one in his own mind can take an issue with a car, police also suspect some meth could have been involved. 

"He took issue with a Tesla, and said, ‘I hate Teslas,’ and created some motion with his arm while holding a hatchet,” Andrew Hill of the local police was quoted as saying by the source.

"It turns out he’s either a little crazy or under the influence of meth, or both.”

Following his attempted car-murder, the suspect fled the scene but was arrestednear the location of the incident. 

It would not be the first time Tesla as a brand fell victim to some sort of bullying. In late 2016, a Tesla Model S driver found a very long hate letter on his car, with the writer's anger directed towards the use of lithium-ion batteries in the electric. 

Other Tesla drivers have reported on various forums being harassed by other motorists, but most such acts have stopped short of physical aggression.

Source: AutoEvolution
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