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Publish Date : 04 March 2018 - 09:15
It was less than a month ago when the government promised to renovate 220 thousand heavy vehicles in the next 3 years. They put a condition to just use European vehicles in this renovation plan. Now there is a question, is the government, wealthy enough to buy European vehicles and why Chinese are not participating in this plan?
Khodrocar – the government has planned to replace worn out cars with European commercial vehicles which produce, in Iran and it means that Chinese doesn’t have share in this plan.

According to statistics, there are 202500 worn out commercial vehicle, riding in our streets and carry on a major share of emissions. The government has plans to replace them in the next 3 years.

Worn out commercial vehicles are consuming 60 litter fuel in 100 km but modern European heavy vehicles are consuming 30 litter fuel in 100 km and they are producing significantly lower emission than older vehicles.

According to the researches, replacing worn out vehicles with modern European cars will save 9 thousand dollars fuel money annually, plus, producing this modern vehicle in the country will save the environment, make new jobs and prevent the exchange to exit the country.

While the priority of the government is European vehicles, but some Chinese companies like FAW are exceptional in this plan. Therefore, experts believe that some Chinese heavy vehicles could pass the required standards and be exceptional in this plan.

However, the point is could the government start this big plan and which part of the industry will help them in this way. Also, the main question is are importers have the ability to buy and import European commercial vehicles?

"Naturally, buying Chinese vehicles are more economical for example, we can pay 40 thousand euros instead of 60 thousand euros for a car and save 20 thousand euros for the country. On the other hand, an expensive vehicle needs expensive spare part. We do not understand that why Chinese vehicle are not included in this plan?” Said Farbod Zave, an auto industry expert to Khodrocar reporter.

"In my opinion, approving this instruction is not logical. If a commercial vehicle could pass essential standards, then it’s not important which country has produced it. I believe that choosing the countries for importation is not a responsibility for the government.” He added. "According to the plan, renovation of 210 to 220 thousand heavy vehicles is on three automakers. If the goal is to renovate the heavy vehicle fleet and saving fuel consumption then there shouldn’t be any obstacle.”

"Executing this plan with eastern Asian countries is much easier than cooperating with western countries and struggle with banking problems. I think this plan needs a reconsideration. While we have quality indexes and standards for importation then the producer country shouldn’t be important.” He continued.

According to the plan, in first year, 50 thousand units, in second year, 80 thousand units and in third year 90 thousand units will be replaced. The government’s facility for heavy vehicles is 30 percent. If the plan executed properly, then a major part of air pollution and emissions problems will be solved.

Khodrocar Reporter: Negar Mir Karimi

Khodrocar Translator: Amin Zamani
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