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Publish Date : 01 March 2018 - 09:43
Three days ago, deputy minister of Industry, Mine and Trade talked about exchange currency revival and improve the financial situation of parts makers. Now the question is, according to the exchange rate turbulence and parts makers’ unpaid demands, does the government's financial plan benefit part industry?
Khodrocar – "we had a meeting with part makers and it was planned to supply the financial sources for paying the part makers demands through Murabaha bonds in the stock market.” Said Mohsen Salehi Nia, deputy minister of Industry, Mine and Trade to Khodrocar reporter.

It seems that the government is recommending new ways to control the tensions in the market and the auto industry, which caused by the exchange rate turbulence just after they removed the exchange currency of parts makers.

Supporting part makers is not a new topic and it’s going back to two months ago when the chairman of the parliament, CEO of IKCO and vice president of the parliament talked about it. But since that day, nothing has happened to part makers.

"Executing this plan doesn’t have significant influence on the industry, but the government should pay more attention than reviving exchange currency to this industry. At first different challenges such as pricing commands should be analyzed.” Said Mohammad Reza Najafi Manesh. President of Iranian Specialized Manufactures of Auto Part Association.

"On the other hand, costs increment especially 16 to 18 percent wage increment will challenge the auto part industry in the next year. Exchange rate turbulence and part makers demands are the certain struggles in this industry and it is the government’s responsibility to solve them.” He added.

"We are not holding a meeting to review the sections of the industry to find the most needy part of the industry, but we can say that the government has to review all sections because there are some parts of the industry which need exchange support. I’m saying it for a million times that auto parts makers should involve in the auto contracts because these contracts could improve the situation of the industry.” Njafi Manesh continued.

The government has been talking about supporting parts makers for several times and maybe it is a sign for others to come and help this industry in a different way. The government can’t carry the whole industry by itself and the private sector could help the government in this way.

Khodrocar Reporter: Negar Mirkarimi

Khodrocar Translator: Amin Zamani
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