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Publish Date : 28 February 2018 - 17:33
US Dollar currency was prohibited in goods import order regulations.
Khodrocar – Based on what central bank declared, right from today, February 28th, no import order registration will be possible with US Dollar currency.

With those changes done to import registration website last week and banks not responding anything in regard, lots of merchants were troubled releasing their goods from customs.

The import registration website offered two choices for merchants to provide currency. Choosing any option but by the bank was immediately rejected by the server, forcing them to choose provide currency by the bank. When they went to the bank, they ignored and replied they received no announcement regarding the matter.

After a while the online method of buying currency was started. Users can register their needed amount of currency from Monday, February 26.

The first phase of the method would only include Euro and Yuan at the beginning. 

This morning was announced that registering other currencies other than those predetermined currencies are possible through this online method.

Source: ISNA

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