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Publish Date : 10 August 2017 - 10:32
Last month, Turkey’s export of automobile parts to Iran grew by 17 percent and that made Iran to joined the countries like Germany, Italy, France, Russia.
Khodrocar – According to Turkish Automobile Importers Association, last July, the Turkey’s automotive industry exports registered a 41.1 percent growth that includes 21.1 percent of turkey’s total exports.

In detail, car exports had a 74 percent growth with 1 billion 56 million dollars, part makers registered a 26 percent growth with 751 million dollars, commercial vehicles grew 15 percent growth 436 million dollars of income and mini bus and bus section also registered a growth with 136 million dollars.

In July, Turkey had the largest share of vehicle parts exports to Germany and Italy with 27 and 26 percent and Iran and Italy are in the second place with 17 percent of exportation.

Germany was at the forefront of Turkey’s vehicle parts exportation in July with 22 percent of growth in car section, 26 percent of growth in vehicle parts and 139 percent of growth in mini bus and bus section.

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