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Publish Date : 13 February 2018 - 14:40
Minister of Industry, Mine and Trade said: “We welcome the arrival of any type of investment above 50% on condition of R&D, export and training.”
Khodrocar – During the Fifth Iran Automotive Industry International Conference, Mohammad Shariatmadari, Minister of Industry, Mine and Trade said: "Although the needs of the people are provided but they are not satisfied and we must do something to increase this satisfaction.”

Shariatmadari mentioned the barriers to the development of the automotive industry and said: Research and development, the production of specific parts of the automobile in Iran and the technology transfer should be subject to the conditions of foreign investment in the automotive industry.”

Minister mentioned the share of hybrid and EVs in the world and emphasized: "We must take the production of new vehicles more seriously, so we are able to produce these kind of vehicles.”
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