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Publish Date : 13 February 2018 - 13:03
Middle East and Africa’s Deputy of Peugeot Citroen;
Middle East and Africa’s Deputy of Peugeot-Citroen said: “Iran’s market has a huge share in the Peugeot's product portfolio and we will import a new SUV in 2018.”
Khodrocar – Christophe Quemard said that once again Citroen wants to prove that it is a reliable business partner for Iran and mentioned: "We will import a new SUV to Iran in the year 2018.”

He continued: "The Saipa and Citroen cooperation started in 2017, and the first Citroën was manufactured in December in Kashan.”

Kumar stated: "We are investing 300 million euros on Saipa-Citroen plant in Kashan.”
He said that the global sales rating of PSA increased 15.4 percent in 2017 and all products was introduced under the name of 5 brands.
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