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Publish Date : 13 February 2018 - 10:26
CEO of IDRO said: Iran’s car production ranking in 2017 will be 14th or 15th.
Khodrocar – In 5th Iran Automotive Industry International Conference, Mansour Moazami said that Iran’s automotive industry is developing very fast and stated: "From 1257 to yesterday, nearly 21 million vehicles were produced in the country, and it seems that considering the production plan, we will have the capacity to produce 3 million vehicles annually.”

He continued: "With the rigors that the Ministry of Industry executes, customers will be more satisfied with the quality of our cars.”

Moazami said that the car industry have a share of 3 percent in economic growth and mentioned: "Our main objective in 5th Iran Automotive Industry International Conference is the part makers. Part maker activists reach 800 units but we have 1 thousand and 500 published units. The important point is that the growth of automotive industry depends on the development of vehicle part making industry.”

IDRO’s CEO emphasized: "13 part makers inked some contracts with foreign companies and they joined global chain.”

Moazami added: "Special attention should be paid to the private sector. Manufacturers must also move towards competitive conditions, if they want to survive in the global chain. A 10 billion dollars’ investment is planned for the renovating of 202,000 units in two years.”
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