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Publish Date : 12 February 2018 - 09:15
2017 was a full challenge year for automobile importers of Iran car market. The happiness over reopening of car import registration website did not take long, the verdict came from Administrative Justice Court, rejecting the newly released automobile import tariff and leading the market into another recession.
Khodrocar – New import tariffs released by the government put a lot on the shoulder of the importers and the final customers, yet was settling in. the verdict from the Administrative Justice Court came all of a sudden out of now where, forcing that the new import regulations are impossible to execute and therefore must be put to a halt and later on be replaced by the former regulation.

This act affected the sweet deals of importers because of the Iranian New Year, because now buyers will be waiting for the prices to be decreased again. Is it really a good idea to wait until the new regulations are released? Should the buyers postpone purchasing cars? Having that in mind that the final verdict regarding the new import regulations will be released in a 3 to 6 month period by the Administrative Justice Court, the period that sound like forever.

"The verdict set by Administrative Justice Court was not received by the ministry of industry, mine and trade and therefore the vehicles importer who actually operate under observation of this ministry, cannot act as the Administrative Justice Court says. Until a new instruction is received from the ministry, the importers have to set the newly released regulation as their signboard.” Said Ali Shokouhi, an automobile industry expert.

"Before the Administrative Justice Court releases the verdict the market and the customers were started to get along with the new tariffs. But the verdict came along and put people’s purchases on hold, making the market go into a suspense.” Added Shokouhi.
"The final verdict of the Administrative Justice Court would definitely not need 3 months to be discussed and released, just as newly released vehicle import regulation didn’t. They can wrap it up way sooner than that.” Said Shokouhi regarding the 3 to 6 months required time period by the Administrative Justice Court for the new verdict to be released.

"Vehicle import companies are encouraging the customers to buy vehicles now, through assuring them by guaranteeing to refund the differences between the prices of the vehicles bought under any of the tariffs. Considering the daily increment in currency value, customers are advised to buy vehicles now because in case of any change in import tariffs, the difference would be refunded, but decrease in value if the currency is something rather imposibble.” Added Shokouhi.

It is important to notice that the increment in currency value is a major factor in vehicles become more expensive. The change in tariffs was another factor as well. But if the import tariffs back as it was before, the value of currency will not and that means the price of the import vehicles will go up as the time passes by.

Khodrocar Journalist and Translator: Mostafa Anisi

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