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Publish Date : 10 February 2018 - 09:39
Euro 5 gasoline infrastructures are developing in the recent years, but we don’t have euro 4 gasoline at stations yet. However, producing supportive auto parts for reducing the pollution is continuing.
Khodrocar - It’s been 16 years since using the euro 4 catalytic convertors in cars became mandatory to decrease the emission and recently a production line of euro 5 catalytic convertors has been opened. The important question is what was the effect of using euro 4 catalytic convertors on air pollution? And why the pollution got worse during the recent years?

Placing catalytic convertors in cars started at the beginning of 1380 (Iranian calendar) since the euro 4 standard got mandatory for vehicles. However, the high price of the part was a reason not to use this part and disobeying rules. Some governmental organizations offered facilities to encourage people for using the catalytic convertors. Facility for 5 thousand taxis was one of these encouraging plans.

After that experts and educated people suggest to improve the quality of gasoline alongside using the catalytic convertors in the exhaust and it was proved that the benzene of the gasoline has decreased even Masoume Ebtekar, chairman of the environmental organization said that the volume of benzene is reduced in the air and results shows that we had a good step in importing gasoline.

But after a short while, the issue of air pollution and the quality of gasoline got bolder. This issue has increased the emission and closed school for several times in the past two years. It seems that catalytic convertors can be helpful anymore and we have to rethink about imported gasoline.

Meanwhile, IKCO has opened a production line for euro 5 catalytic convertors and hope to reduce the pollution by using this part in its cars, but these catalytic convertors parts are less efficient without a proper gasoline. Although, production line of euro 5 tank has opened by a local part manufacturer two years ago.

It seems that the infrastructures of euro 5 gasoline have been prepared in the "Setare Khalij Fars” refinery, but as it shows, using catalytic convertors in cars are not beneficial and maybe using euro 6 catalytic convertors won’t be useful either since the quality of gasoline is not good yet.

Now, the ambiguity is that could a catalytic convertors decrease the emission of gasoline alone? Why in the recent past years since the forcing of using the part in exhaust, gasoline emission and air pollution has not decreased?

"Right now, there is no system or standard to check the quality of fuel at stations. Fuels are produced by the standard of the refineries, then private sector and National Iranian Oil Products Distribution Company will distribute it among stations across the country. However, the quality control units analyze the fuel benchmarks according to the specified criteria before delivering it to the stations." Said Naser Raeesi Fard, chairman of fuel station owners association.

Khodrocar Reporter: Negar Mirkarimi

Khodrocar Translator: Amin Zamani

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