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Publish Date : 04 February 2018 - 09:15
Renault is one of the oldest partners of Iran’s auto industry, they are facing a challenging way to have profits after the JCPOA. Despite from different problems of Iranian side, the French company doesn’t have any clear strategy.
Khodrocar – Mansour Moazami, director general of IDRO, as one of the Renault contract sides said that the Iranian side couldn’t do it promises such as preparing the Ben Ro site for production and the joint venture contract hasn’t executed yet. This contract is called the biggest foreign investment in Iran’s auto industry.

Moazami has promised that the joint venture contract will meet execution in the next two months. Meanwhile, it seems that Renault has not reached a proper strategy for its other partners like Renault pars and the new joint venture company.

Take a look at Tehran’s advertising billboards to understand the situation of Renault in Iran. You can see the advertisement of L90 which is provided by Pars Khodro and IKCO and on the other hand, most of Renaults are imported by Negin Khodro. The first question is that is Renault trying to produce old platforms in Iran and import other products?

"Our strategy is producing new models which are based on new platforms and it would happen for all segments. Advertising old cars such as L90 and importing other products of Renault don’t mean that we are just looking to produce old platforms, but we offered new platforms to our partners and they just reject them. We are planning to have new platforms for next year surely.” Said Ramtin esmaeli, CEO of Pars Renault in Iran.

"Our strategy is providing new and high quality models for all segments and price range.” He added.

Khodrocar Reporter: Asal Dadashloo

Khodrocar Translator: Amin Zamani

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