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Publish Date : 07 August 2017 - 14:41
Khodrocar reports;
After the signature of Renault-IDRO contract, Chief Competitive Officer of Renault said in a statement that this is an exceptional contract for Iran's automotive industry.
According to Khodrocar journalist, Thierry Bollore said in a statement: 

We are pleased to announce the signature of an exceptional contract with our valuable partners IDRO and NH Group in one of the most strategic countries for Renault, Iran.

In Renault world, Iran is known for its great industrial potentials, automotive infrastructures, very capable human resources, unique geopolitical situation, as well as being known in France as a rich historical country.

It’s a unique deal in Iran’s car industry history, in terms of investment, transfer of technology, localization, development of Iranian talent, creation of engineering- purchasing centre, production of up to date cars and extended distribution including export. In other words, the growth of the full value chain in Iran.

Renault has proved its commitment with a nonstop presence in Iran since the beginning of operations in 2004.

This signature, confirms our strong intend and commitment to long term operations in Iran,  as the strategic partner of Iran’s Automotive Industry 

We are glad and honoured to start this JV with our reliable partners IDRO as representative of the government and NH group as representative of the private sector.
Our cooperation with our historic partners Iran Khodro and Saipa will continue strongly and improve in the future.
Signing this deal is a huge new step forward in the long continuous cooperation between Renault and Iran, that will bring a lot of shared values for both sides
Thank you very much.

Thierry Bollore
Chief Competitive Officer
Renault SAS

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