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Publish Date : 26 January 2018 - 09:15
During the last two years, JCPOA had positive effects on Iran’s automotive industry but some believe that this joint comprehensive plan didn’t have any effects on this industry.
Khodrocar – Iran’s automotive industry was one of the industries, which made the most of JCPOA and was able to solidify its relation with major foreign automakers. This joint plan was also very helpful for Iranian car importers’ companies.

However, there are many debates about the success of JCPOA. The government believes that JCPOA was very impressive for automotive industry while some experts believes that the lack of foreign investment in this industry is a negative point.
It was expected that after JCPOA the automotive industry experience good days but some experts believe that the situation is getting worse. Now the question is what was the fate of Iran’s automotive industry without JCPOA?

Bahram Shahriari, automotive industry expert told Khodrocar regarding the issue: "Two years have been passed since JCPOA and we still can’t see remarkable positive effects on automotive industry.”

Shahriari adds: "The only effect of this joint comprehensive plant is the retirement of some old vehicles and entrance of new vehicles.”

The automotive expert insists: "JCPOA is effective when the foreign automakers have the chance invest in Iran. First, an investor needs to be sure about the investment security and then wants the sustainability of the market.”

Shahriari sais: "Without investment security and sustainability in monetary policy, there will be no foreign investment. As long as the foreign automaker and investor does not have permission to do business in the field of vehicle design and production, the industry will continue to do so under the same conditions.”

Khodrocar Reporter: Negar MirKarimi
Khodrocar Translator: Maziyar Jafarieh
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