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Publish Date : 21 January 2018 - 09:15
Auto part importers are going to face new limitations same as vehicle importers soon. Their limitation is not banning the part importing but according to the government’s new instruction, auto part importers are getting involved with scrapping worn out cars.
Khodrocar – in the government’s new instruction, auto part importers have shares in scrapping worn out cars. According to this instruction auto part importers must pay a share of imported parts value to the government for scrapping worn out vehicles.

Approving this instruction is kind of limitation for clearance of parts from customs and it is opposite to the section 22 of the law. Also, the dollar’s price is getting high and we will definitely have price increment in the field of parts and vehicles after. now it is a question that do local part manufacturers have the potential to produce all kind of parts and what will happen to the vehicle’s price after this instruction?

"We are faced with different problems such as limitations when we are trying to develop the auto industry and auto part industry together. Though, decision makers should know that these limitations are harming the market and it would increase the vehicle’s price unusually.” Said Hassan Karimi Sanjari, an expert in the auto industry.

"This kind of limitation which are supportive should be localized. For example, producing a part is not logical due to economical reasons, so importing is a way to supply that part and it is better for the automakers.”

"We should check that is this policy has been made for the auto industry development or not? Once upon a time Korea and China were banning vehicle importation, but importing parts were not facing any restriction.” Said Sanjari. "Limiting auto part importation same as vehicle importation needs more research because we might have to categorize different parts, also producing some parts are not economical and environmentally friendly.”

"Auto makers should be free to import some parts with better price. Also, merging auto makers is another way to prevent the vehicle price increment. Establishing big auto making holdings and cooperating with foreign companies will help auto part manufacturers develop.” He continued. "Limitation for some parts which are produced in the country will make them develop, however, this development shouldn’t effect on the vehicle’s price.” Said Sanjari.

"We have to clarify the auto industry perspective, then following the development path. Right now, different policies may have positive advantages in some parts and negative advantages in other sections.” He added.

Khodrocar Reporter: Negar Mirkarimi

Khodrocar Translator: Amin Zamani
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