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Publish Date : 16 January 2018 - 09:23
Pricing imported vehicles is seemed to be a challenge in the days after SABTARESH website reopened and importers are talking about the customs unusual behavior in pricing imported cars.
Khodrocar – pricing imported vehicles at the customs to calculate the tariffs and taxes is not a new story but these days after the new importing instruction which ban over 40 thousand dollars vehicles, this topic became bolder than before. Now, it is a question that what is the rule of pricing imported vehicles at the custom?

"The custom has an instruction with the title of pricing rules of importing and exporting goods which says the pricing scale is official proofs. The official proof means that the main company should announce the price of vehicles and Iran’s embassy should approve it, then it would be an official scale for pricing vehicles.” Said Farhad Ehtesham Zade, chairman of Iranian automobile importer association.

"The official representative will buy the car cheaper than official price. The major company is analyzing the market then put the price on its cars but the final price is 3 or 5 percent lower than the market.” Said he in response to the question of why custom’s price is cheaper than official price?

"Sometimes custom has different and unusual behavior for example they accept one letter from a representative and the others not or they are pricing cars according to the region market. How much custom’s pricing increase, companies costs will increase and they will face with problems at the market.” Said chairman of Iranian automobile importer association. "The pricing scale for the imported vehicles of the grey market is the official representative price due to the Consumer Protection organization instruction.”

According to the law, pricing should be without individual taste but importers said to KhodroCar that custom is doing the opposite. It means that the price is not set after the major company’s letter but it depends on the power of importers bargaining. For example a car which is recently imported to Iran, worth 35,000 dollars in the Europe’s market but custom’s price is 26,000 dollars. It means that weather the major company has considered a 9000 dollars discount or Iranian experts believe that this car worth 9,000 dollars less than global price.

According to the information, custom’s pricing scale is not clear yet and it needs to be clarified due to the new importing instruction. Also, it needs a serious supervision to make competitive space for importers.

KhodroCar Reporter: Asal Dadashloo

KhodroCar Translator: Amin Zamani
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