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Publish Date : 14 January 2018 - 09:39
Replacing environmental electric motorcycles with old fashioned and carburetor motorcycles is necessary, but it is happening slowly in Iran.
KhodroCar – the entrance of electric motorcycles is a chance to get rid of old and carburetor motorcycles in addition it can reduce the emission. Replacing the motorcycles is happening slowly in Iran, but it means that our policies are right, however some organizations won’t make their promises.

The air and noise, pollution

According to the latest statistics, 25% of air pollution in Tehran and 45% of noise pollution in big cities are because of motorcycles. The only way to solve these problems is electric motorcycle which could reduce the air pollution of Tehran by 30%.

"There are several reasons for Tehran’s air pollution and motorcycles are one of them. The motorcycle manufacturing industry has improved during the past recent years in quality and quantity, but it doesn’t have a supporter and cannot remove the charges and it seems that motorcycles are the only reason for the air pollution. This industry is not supported by anyone so the improvement process is slow.” Said Mohammad Ghorbani Pour Fard, the sales and after sales service manager of Niro Mohareke Co to KhodroCar reporter

"Motorcycles are beneficial to all people and we are using this ride for transportation, servicing and other things. Now, we are expecting related organizations to support us to solve the emission problem in the motorcycle industry.” He added.

Electric motorcycles

According to the government’s instruction, manufacturers were not allowed to produce carburetor motorcycles from the beginning of the Iranian year. Alongside the instruction electric motorcycles get more space to show themselves and the request for them increased. Now. The government’s role in supporting electric motorcycles is not deniable.

"it is expected from the government, policy maker offices, the parliament, city council, municipality, ministry of industry, mine and trade and the standard organization to support electric motorcycles. Previous supports, especially from municipality didn’t work well.” Said Ghorbani Pour Fard.

"electric motorcycles are developing in all over the world and they have a close relation with technology. Customers should know about the benefits of electric motorcycles compare to old and carburetor ones.” Said the sales and after sales services manager of Niro Mohareke. "we have 4 electric models in the market. They have the power of 500, 800, 1500 and 2000, watt and they are ready for customers.

"right now, customers are not sure of buying these kind of motorcycles due to the lacks of infrastructures, technical problems and high price. It seems that the government and other related organizations should have some encouraging policies for replacing the motorcycles.” He added at the end.

KhodroCar Reporter: Fazel Suri

KhodroCar Translator: Amin Zamani
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