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Publish Date : 30 December 2017 - 15:25
Undoubtedly, installing timers on traffic lights is one of the most brilliant ideas ever done in the world. Like most other ideas, timed traffic lights are being executed in Iran in the most blunder an inappropriate way.
KhodroCar – Traffic lights have done their jobs just fine for a long period until the time some people decided to better the concept by adding timer to these lights in order to reduce people’s and drivers’ frustration and waiting behind these lights.

The method actually, greatly affected driving experience. Now people knew exactly how long they are supposed to wait behind the red light and to shot off the engine or to put the gearbox in N if it is longer than 60 seconds. The concept actually caused reduction in the amount of burnt fuel as well as reduction in depreciation of gearbox parts along with lots of other achievements.

Iran took the same path to use the better concept. I remember the early years with timed traffic lights in Iran, quite fine. It was amazing to have a counter that shows you how long exactly one is supposed to wait behind the light. Yet the concept started to change into something incomprehensible as it started to loos its essence, counting every second.
Then the nature of the counters changed. It was then on that each second did not mean as a real second because now it could take an unknown amount of time from a second to another and It was not just that. They tend to jump from a second to another, completely ruining the concept of a time counter.

As a result, drivers and pedestrians now have now idea when to pass the light or how long to wait behind it. The increase in minor traffic crimes such as passing red lights or entering cross road forbidden zones is inevitable, leading to increase in traffic police department income.

The question is who has first come up with the idea of questioning the basics of mathematics and the concept of time? Who will benefit most from this agitation? The concept is ruined so bad that it is now time, someone take the blame and correct it.

Mostafa Anisi, Editor in Chief

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