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Publish Date : 27 December 2017 - 09:15
KhodroCar Reports;
Today, the vehicle order registration website is reopening for the importers and 2018 vehicles will be riding in the street after some step up the tariffs, at last.
KhodroCar – shutting down the SABTARESH website for several months was too much for the importers. They were under high pressure and would accept new tariffs and conditions to reopen the website.

Shutting down representatives, human resource adjustment in some companies and increasing prices was forcing importers to accept all the condition and high tariffs in order to reopen the vehicle order registration website.

The chairman of automobile importers association, Farhad Ehtesham Zadeh, talked about the illegal blocking of the SABTARESH website at once for several times and warned the customers losses in turbulent markets.

"Customers are the main losers in this market because they should buy the cars with unusual increased tariffs.” Said the chairman of Iran's Auto and Parts Importers Association, Meysam Rezaei.

"Shutting down the SABTARESH website for a long time is not normal and it is just blocked the competition in the vehicle’s market.” Said Vali Maleki, a member of commission of industry of parliament on TV.

The Inspection Organization of Iran has opened two files about the chaos in the vehicle’s market. Meanwhile, the head of the Inspection Organization of Iran, Naser Seraj had announced to introduce the suspects of these files.

Last night, there were whispers about the secret meeting of the government, members of parliament and importers to reopen the SABTARESH website with lower tariffs compare to what the media said before.

In fact, we got back to the past again and the main law didn’t execute exactly. The law says that 5 percent of tariffs will decrease every year, so local automakers would have time to prepare for competition but this won’t happen now.

In this situation, high tariffs will increase the vehicle’s price, then the government’s income from vehicle import will rise and automakers won’t do anything to improve their products.

KhodroCar Reporter: Reza Hosseini

KhodroCar Translator: Amin Zamani
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