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Publish Date : 27 December 2017 - 14:44
Air pollution has become a major issue these days in the major cities of the country, as it crossed the dangerous level and yet authorities believe it is related to some certain factors and nothing else.
KhodroCar – The authorities mention the total fuel consumption, fuels price, vehicle technical wellbeing and too much unnecessary usage of vehicles as the main and most important air polluting factors.

Some new records have been set recently in the field of fuel consumption in the country several times, showing the huge amount of fuel sold in the country. Yet the government talks about increasing the fuel rates because the fuel stations are about to bankrupt. So where does all the income from selling fuel goes to then?

The government points out the fuel price tag in foreign countries and even countries from the region to justify the rise in fuels price in the country, but at the very same time they utterly withdraw from mentioning individuals’ salary, brand new hi-tech vehicles’ price tag or even the great quality of oil refineries’ products of these countries so that people would know how foreign people compensate for the high fuel price tag in their countries and not dying from various types of cancer od pollutions derived from fossil fuels burn.

It is now close to two decades that the vehicle technical inspection process has been put to practice in Iran. Now after almost twenty years the current air pollution level clearly pictures the incompetency of such concept, at least the way it is being executed. The concept and the government believe that if all vehicles pass through a filtering system called the vehicle inspection process, there will be no more air pollution. Some recent researches conducted to study the air pollution in the major cities of Iran showed that the pollution and all those dangerous gases are caused by the low quality of fuels and not the lack of vehicle inspection for many vehicles. Low-tech domestic vehicles in combination with low quality fuels make a very deadly recipe. The second place of the most polluting reasons in Iran’s’ major cities goes to the so enormous and even unknown number of low quality Chinese made motorcycles, using out dated high fuel consuming fuel delivery systems called the carburetors, motorcycles that that are using more than twice the fuel most vehicles in consume in comparison, therefore creating way more than all the vehicles.

This is not to question the essence of the vehicle inspection concept but to question its execution and its effect on the quality level of the domestically made vehicles and the fuels produced by the domestic refineries. Researches proven that up to date and new domestically produced vehicles lose their Euro emission levels so soon due to their low quality, turning into highly polluting vehicles unexpectedly. That is while well-kept old foreign American or European and Japanese car keep their emission levels even after all these years, passing the vehicle inspection process easier than today’s domestically produced modern vehicles do, just after short years. What was told just now shows the great incompetency of vehicle inspection process over the air pollution issues and on the quality, of domestic automotive industry even after all these years.

Unnecessary usage of vehicles or they being used only single-passengered, is not something that the authorities can push people not to do or even ban them, not as long as the public transportation system of the country is uncapable of servicing the community. The thing is that this could be blamed only as a suggestion or a long term culturizing plan taught in schools to the young level of the community. You can not expect the mob to act as Europeans, not as long as there is no European-Spec transportation system available to them.

Mostafa Anisi, KhodroCar.Ir/En Editor in Chief

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