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Publish Date : 24 November 2017 - 11:34
KhodroCar Test Drives the 2016 Peugeot 508 GT Line:
It is now more than two decades past of the presence of the French lion, the Peugeot, in Iran. Peugeot tried hard to come back to Iran car market full handed, after a long absent. This very French brand is well known as an economy low-level option carmaker in Iran, but now the 508 is going to be a game changer.
Khodrocar – IKAP (Iran Khodro Automobiles Peugeot - the company born from the joint venture of IKCO-Peugeot) has recently imported some limited numbers of the 2016 GT Line versions of the 508 sedan Peugeots to the country. The vehicle is considered as the biggest sedan in Peugeot’s current lineup priced at 1 million and 850 thousand IRRs (close to 33.6 thousand GBP, while it is actually just close to 29.5 thousand GBP back in the UK) although with interesting leasing conditions given by IKAP.

Peugeots Sedans’ Frontier
People back at Peugeot believe that 508 is the best choice of its tag price segment. The model was actually first designed in 2011 and face lifted back in 2014. The design is somehow acceptable yet not as interesting as its other same age powerful rivals, the Renault Talisman or the Kia Optima, both quite popular in Iran’s sedan segment car market. The GT Line trim comes with minor differences such as chrome grill, dial exhaust tips, leather covered shift stick with red stiches and GT Line logos on the body.

Unlike the exterior, the interior shows that Peugeot has decided to shake the dust off a little in new models. 7 inch multimedia touch screen, Quad-Zone climate control, sexy instrument cluster that would immediately remind you of something so similar as instrument clusters of Ford models like the Mustang or the F series pickup trucks, rear view colored camera, driver’s seat massager and totally, the whole dashboard design is not something one could find in former Peugeot models.

The interesting comment here is that there are buttons almost for everything. Some of which are not close by to be easily used. Just like the necessary brake knob located at the back of the steering wheel which looks completely useless because of the electronic automatic brake system that engages and disengages automatically any time you stop the car or you push the gas pedal to run again.

The Power Core
508 GT Line is powered by the common PSA’s 1.6L Turbocharged Euro 5 Twin Cam I4, capable of 163 horsepower at 6000 RPM and 240 newton meters of torque at 1400 RPM. The power goes to the front axle through a 6 speed electronically controlled transaxle transmission. As the steering system assistance has been chosen of the electrohydraulic type, whole pure power of the engine is just spent on pushing it forward with the fewest losses.

Considering its 1485 KG weight, the 508 GT Line can reach 96MPH (~100 KMH) in 8.9 seconds, leaving an average fuel consumption of 6.9L/100Km. the same attribute is equal to 9.8 L/100Km and 5.2 L/100Km for city streets and open roads respectively.

508 on Chalus Asphalt
The easy control and stability of the 508 was what first attracted journalists’ attentions. Pseudo MacPherson suspension up front and Multi-Link out back is the key factor to that much of ride control even at hard speed at close angle turns. Probably not so pleasant for the other passengers on the back seat.

Very tangible sync connection between the motor and the transmission. No sound can enter the cabin when windows are rolled all up but to enjoy the exhaust sound when the Sport mode is enabled by pushing the S button next to the shift stick, you may want to roll down your window just a bit.

Other not mentioned opting on IKAP GT Line 508s are total of 6 air bags, full range of electronic stability control system, keyless entry and engine start/stop, electronically adjusted front seats with memory, front seats’ heaters, Classic Napa leather seats, cruise control, speed limiter, colored HUD (with its button located way farther than you can imagine!), TPMS, full LED head and tail lights, front and rear parking sensors, auto light and smart beam.

Face the Competitors
Optima and Talisman come across as the most powerful rivals of the 508 because they both have been so successful at satisfying the costumers.

508 stands not far away from the other two competitors but the only key to its success in Iran car market is that it is under sell by the IKAP which has the full support of the IKCO on its back. Important to mention again, the interesting leasing conditions coming along the vehicle from IKAP would indeed help Peugeot to increase its market share of Iran car market.

KhodroCar Journalist: Asal Dadashloo
KhodroCar Translator: Mostafa Anisi

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