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Publish Date : 19 November 2017 - 15:43
Rapid public transport systems are not yet well played in Iran. The major reason is the lack of infrastructures. BRT is a quick and capable idea of transportation but with it being executed poorly in the country, it does not serve as it must.
Khodrocar – Having no proper Rapid public transport system in the country prevents us from nagging about all those one passenger vehicles in daily traffic.

BRT stands for Bus Rapid Transit. Yet, not only it isn’t fast, but also riding one carries a lot of trouble for users.

The downside of the rapid public transport systems in Iran can be summarized as below:
-  Not enough number of cars at service
-  Long time interval between each services
-  Huge crowd at rush hours
-  Lack of proper cultural education for public transport systems
-  Weak expansion of service net over the city
-  Unsuccessful at overtaking traffic speed some times

Points like what has just been mentioned, which unfortunately sometimes includes the metro system as well, gives an individual the right to choose its own personal vehicles instead of being bothered in so called rapid public transport systems.

If someone is supposed to get stock in long time traffic jams in major cities, one has the right to choose his/her own personal vehicle instead of public transport means while enjoys listening to favorite music with the AC breeze adjusted as desired.

It is needed that the infrastructure of public transport systems in major cities to be completely revised ASAP because now they cannot handle what they have been designed for. Killing more and more time solves nothing.

Increasing the number of At-Service vehicles, splitting the BRT’s exclusive rout from other vehicles and complete ban of vehicle entrance to BRT lines except for QRF vehicles, could be good start to improve the performance of this incompetent transport system.

Mostafa Anisi, Editor in Chief at
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